Move With Deb, Episode 67, My Mindbody Strategy While Recovering from Covid

Season #1

I share with you my recent experience of having Covid and the mindbody medicine informed methods I used to help me decrease fear and recover without lingering symptoms. I share other recovery stories and first person information about people who have recovered from lingering symptoms colloquially known as "long covid". I hope that my process is helpful for you.

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What different people across the mindbody medicine field are discovering are the similarities between Covid symptoms and other long term chronic pain/illness symptoms and how the pain-fear-pain cycle plays into the perpetuation of symptoms after the body has recovered. So using this same approach they're seeing good responses. 

Here's some resources that I've both listened to or read directly or have been told about through my colleagues. - this has some great recovery stories - including Paul Garner, infectious disease Dr. - this is a lovely list of various resources. I can offer people 6 weeks free of the Curable app if anyone wants to try that. - Dr. Garner's story of recovery - I like how Gary describes his understanding of the mindbody recovery process. - Neuroplastic pain recovery resources from the team at This Might Hurt documentary - Interview with Dr. Schubiner, explaining the mindbody process to address Long Covid

This is probably MORE than enough. 

It's all pretty much the same content (how to change the body experience, through retraining the brain) just through different lenses. 

Happy to share more. I think just learning that recovery is possible even begins the change due to predictive processing.