Move With Deb, Episode 65, Antidote to Anxiety + Stress Symptoms, Floating

Season #1

In this episode I share how my clients' evocative metaphor work included imagery around floating and water which led me to remember the work of Dr. Claire Weekes and her book, Hope and Help for Your Nerves Hardcover – January 1, 1969.

When we are using a mindbody approach to healing it can feel kind of exhausting to remember and use all these tools, and especially if we are in a panic to not feel uncomfortable stuff. So learning to surrender, to float, is a very powerful message to our nervous system that there is no THREAT. It's not the same kind of dorsal freeze of a small animal pretending to be dead, no, it's the conscious releasing of tension using visualization and self trust which evokes the felt sense of safety, of OKness.

Here's some links to articles about her approach to anxiety -

As you listen, remember it's not about knowing this stuff intellectually but being willing to play and practice these experiences in your body. Just like reading about weight lifting isn't the same as visualizing yourself lifting or actual weight lifting.

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