Move With Deb, Episode 63, Catch + Release Shame

Season #1

Today's podcast I'm reflecting on conversations I've had with clients and myself about noticing shame and finding our way to the other side.

I'm calling this a practice of Catch + Release Shame. Learning how to lean into what we usually avoid is the beginning of changing everything.

When I asked my client for permission to share some of our conversation on the podcast, this was her response:

"Specifically, if you'd like more client perspective when you share: "your client" found that there was hidden shame, like in the "little" things they would not have guessed would have shame around them. This is because they consider themselves very open and shame-free when it comes to the things that society is so often shaming people for (gender, body size/hair, kinks, etc.) so they assumed there was no shame. Nope. They were blind to the little shames and grateful you pointed them out so they could explore the why's and work to release them, thus allowing enjoyment to fill that space, instead. I hope our "discoveries" help others 💓"

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