Move With Deb, Episode 58, Two Different Days At The Gym

Season #1

In this episode, I share 3 short clips, 2 post gym videos I made one week to the next that I meant to but never posted on IG- and a short fun clip with my trainer Melissa - It's sometimes hard to be Jewish, Neurodivergent and record interviews as I have a (get excited to share and also cultural norms of talking over/with others). But you can hear what she's saying and more important what she's adding into the conversation about how to listen without storytelling. I feel so lucky to have had this experience of working with her as my trainer and I'm really lucky to have myself, because I know how to listen to what I need and take my needs seriously and find amazing collaborators! If that's a skill you want to develop, especially if you live in a marginalized body or mind, I have lived this my whole life, hit me up, let's work together! Here's the link to the Ellen Langer conversation with Curable and find out about her research.