Move With Deb, Episode 57, Paula + Pelvic Floor Pain

Season #1

In this podcast, you get to listen in on my conversation with Paula about what it was like to work on pain recovery after getting cleared from her Doctor and having spent a long time in PT.

We have a foundation of using Thought Work and The Model which comes from The Life Coach School, and we are both members of The Clutch, a feminist coaching community created by Kara Loewentheil.

I am also an LCS trained coach and completed my Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching with Kara this past year. Thoughtwork, The Model, Feminism, and understanding of the neuroscience of pain all blend together in my coaching practice with my clients.

There's many roads to change, to mindbody change and shifting out of pain into a greater sense of wellbeing. I'm happy to be a guide for your explorations. If you're interested in having a consultation with me, please book a free half hour curiosity call.