Move With Deb, Episode 54, MindBody Reflection From A Cancelled Flight

Season #1

This episode I am riffing more on the "change is weird" theme I started last week. This week I had an experience with a flight being cancelled and I noticed how unusually calm I was. I wasn't trying to be calm, I just was.

And that embodied change was created through the mindbody practices I have been using and teaching, especially my hybrid hypnocoaching work. My old habituated responses got unwired enough so that they couldn't get picked up and associated into in the ways they had previously and that's just so fascinating and amazing to experience.

Change is possible. I want you to have more of what you want to be experiencing in life. Please listen and see how this might relate to you and your current mindbody experience. If you are curious and want to know more about how to work with me please book a free consult -