Move With Deb - Episode 45, How To Process An Emotion

Season #1

This episode is a guided journey through processing an emotion. I recommend listening to it first before trying it, to acclimate your brain to the work that will be happening. While you are listening, pay attention to any judging or fear thoughts. Any thoughts that sound like, this won't work for me. I can't do this. I am bad at visualizing... and that's ok.

There's no wrong way to do this. There's no wrong answer. Are you willing to try? Can you become curious? What does approaching an activity with curiosity feel like? What if this is fun? What might that experience feel like?

This is a lovely to accompany this work. While I would write some words differently, in general I feel really aligned with his words and felt uplifted by them, so in that spirit I share them with you.

I am looking forward to continuing to connect, share and grow with you in the coming year.
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My 1:1 pain recovery coaching program will be reopening this Spring. More news to come.