You are not alone.


Hi, I'm Deb! I'm a body positive mindbody coach.

I help people unlock the skills of pain reduction or elimination through understanding pain as a biopsychosocial relationship to the world we live in. 

PAIN is a danger signal that can be turned on and kept on high because of FEAR and other messages we have absorbed about our bodies abilities to heal, function or survive.

Using simple cognitive & somatic skills, I learned how to listen to my body in a new way and heal pain and anxiety while fat + 50 years old.


It is possible to recover from chronic pain & many chronic conditions.
The International Association for the Study of Pain defines pain as "an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with, or resembling that associated with, actual or potential tissue damage."


The brain learns pain and we can teach it to unlearn pain by creating pathways and practices of physical + emotional safety. 

A brain first approach is the most effective treatment for chronic pain according to the recent Boulder Back Pain Study -

Client Experience

“I hired Deb because I kept struggling with headaches and I had so much fear about what those headaches could mean.
What I learned was that continuing to fixate on my pain was only continuing the cycle of it. I now have a lot less headaches! My relationship to myself has also changed drastically. I used to beat myself up for having pain but now I give myself so much love and safety.
I feel so powerful in knowing that I have the tools and capacity to manage them in a calming manner.
Deb is amazing and I felt so comfortable with her that I cried many times. I felt listened to and understood. I’m SO SO happy I decided to work with her! I no longer fixate on my pain, which is giving me so much energy back!” -- Elizabeth

how it works

3 core components of pain reprocessing

Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE)

Building and Practicing Somatic & Cognitive Skills

Creating Safety with Desired Movement & Activities



Everything you've ever learned in your life is the same mechanism of creating neuronal connections in your brain. We can inadvertently wire in FEAR. But good news is that the brain is plastic, and learning is what we ALL know how to do.

What FIRES together, WIRES together.




Our brain manages our body and it does that efficiently through a process called predictive coding. Together we curiously and lovingly investigate your current conditioned responses to see where we can create a needed prediction error/update for your brain's prediction of danger.

What fires APART, wires APART.




Shifting into finding safety practices in daily life that do not reinforce limiting beliefs/conditioned responses that perpetuate pain (this is NOT a moral judgement, just a reflection of BRAIN learning.) Discover how to approach strength + mobility practices in a way you will enjoy, so as to build embodied confidence. 

Shifting from a FIXING mindset, to an approach based on CURIOUS awareness  CHANGES our physiological experience by lowering the threat of the activity.

In other words, YOU ARE NOT BROKEN.
Even if it feels like you are. 


  I'm so happy you're here, welcome!

Hi! I'm Deb, Mindbody Wellness Coach working with a WHOLE BODY/WHOLE SYSTEM approach
top down (cognitive/brain), bottom up (somatic/body) + social body (society/family) 

I know that feeling better is possible for you, and I can't wait to show you how.

Even though it's your brain and your pain, it's not your fault.

You have been taught misinformation about the cause of pain and I bet it has involved pointing a finger and blaming your body for it's "failures", I've been there!

I worked as a bodyworker for 10 years studying various types of massage, the lymph system and restorative exercise and NONE of those practices taught me what I ended up learning on MY OWN, that pain does not necessarily equal issues in your tissues. It's made in the brain as an assessment/perception of danger around our sensory experiences. Using this approach, I was able to change debilitating knee pain OVERNIGHT. 

As a mindbody practioner, I've had the privilege of helping people rewire migraines, back pain, foot pain, fibromyalgia, misophonia, knee pain, anxiety, chronic fatigue and more regardless of body size, physical ability or age.

Trained in MindBody coaching by Dr. Howard Schubiner + Charlie Merrill, PT.  
Deb white woman with pink hair smiling at camera wearing a multi colored top

How To Work With Me

Have you been in chronic pain for years, post injury, surgery or some other physical or emotional event and believe that your body will stay like this forever and chronic pain is unchangable?

Or are you familiar with the work of Dr. Sarno (TMS), The Curable App or Alan Gordon's book The Way Out and have an inkling that your chronic pain might not be a life long sentence to be managed but believe there is a way out but don't know how to get started?

Based on the work I used to get myself out of chronic knee pain and years of bodywork education and activism, I have created a 12 week program to help you and we start exactly where you are.

Hop on a curiosity call and let's connect.


Curiosity Call

12 Week Pain + Life Coaching Program

  • 12 weeks of 1:1 coaching
  • Self directed education video presentations (science made simple, easy, fun to watch + no long lectures, no PhD required) 
  • Get my self coaching embodied learning system for teaching your Mind + Body safety, peace + possibility
  • Compassionate container to explore fear + worry and the nervous system stress response which leads to panic, health anxiety and catastrophizing
  • Build rock solid physical and emotional self trust
  • Trauma + Health At Every Size informed
  • Navigate work, relationships + family with less pain
  • Compatible with PT, Therapy + Medical Care


Content available on this Site, including all associated social media accounts is not a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment, medical diagnosis or therapy.

This website + program provides information and support for those suffering from, or those who believe they might be suffering from TMS, neuroplastic pain/mind body disorders and is solely for educational purposes. It should not be used as a substitute for medical, psychological or psychiatric advice, and does not replace the care of a medical physician.